Posted by: dikijulius | April 4, 2010

Height increase tips

A 19-year-old girl complained of his height is “only” 150 cm. He wanted even higher, at least 160 cm, because he wanted to work in an agency that demands a certain height as a condition for entry.

150 cm height for the age of 19 years is a bit less, but enough of Indonesian women are also tall so. This high may be expected to increase, especially at that age.


One thing to understand in advance that height is determined by genes. Recent research results (as reported by AFP on 2 September 2007) mentions that there are genes that determine the high-short one.

Gene called HMGA2. Change a “letter” on the basis of the genetic code of a C HMGA2 (abbreviated with cytosine) will affect a person’s height. Someone who only get C from one parent will be half an inch taller than that have only T (abbreviated from Thymin). Similarly, if someone has a double C will make them an inch taller than a double T.

There are other genes related to height. HMGA2 explains only 0.3 percent of the high diversity of human beings.

That’s what I previously advised, syukurilah what God has given, because it’s better than you regret it. There are many other potential is in yourself that you can develop that make you a superior human being.

Even so, it would not hurt you to try these tips below.


Is like building a house, you certainly need building materials. So also with the body, needs adequate nutrition in order to grow optimally.

Indicates height of the nutritional quality during childhood first. If the quality of people’s lack of nutrition in childhood, first, that person tends to short in his adult life, and vice versa. Not intended arrogant, as a child until the age of 5 years I regularly consume milk and my current height 187 cm!

Highly recommended to consume foods that contain lots of protein and calcium to help bone growth.


It is advisable to exercise that gives weight to the long leg bone, such as athletics, running relaxed, jump rope (skipping), basketball, badminton and other similar sports. In this way the bone is stimulated to grow a little longer because the weight jerk. Swimming can also increase a person’s height, but some are denied on the grounds that swim just make up the body is more proportionate to that body look taller, but still the same height.

Other Alternatives

There are also supplements and other products on the market that promises the addition of an instant height (eg by straightening the spine), but I do not recommend it because I did not have scientific da


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