Posted by: dikijulius | April 4, 2010

Listening to music

Listening to music is the most fun thing to do, what now with the development of technology, we are increasingly easy to listen to music and songs. Even search for any music or songs more easily. But you know that what are the benefits of music listening? Here are some highlights of the benefits of listening to music.

– Mozzart effects
Mozzart effects are some of the terms in music that affects people in order to enhance intelligence. There are several studies stating that the child has heard the music, kecerdasaannya a higher level than the average for someone who does not know music. In some ways, to stimulate the brain to “learn” about everything from music tones. Classical music is also good for babies and pregnant women because it increases the baby’s intelligence and makes the mother is more relaxed.

– Therapy
Some experts claim that the music is also useful from the medical side. When the pain by listening to certain music can be a therapy that is expected to heal.

– Refreshing
Sometimes when we feel bored and do not know what to do, by listening to music although only a few moments we will be able to feel revived. So we’ll get the spirit back to do our activities.

– Communication
As a universal language, music can be a message to all countries around the world without language restriction. Even outer space satellites are sent into space also brings to music.

– Motivation
We can take for instance when a state ceremony or event or even when giving mendali Olympics. When we follow it, we’ll come sing the national anthem or the national anthem. With a sing that we will be motivated to love our nation, a national hero, and even give a new spirit for us. Even some people who will be easy to learn or work with listening to music.


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