Posted by: dikijulius | April 4, 2010

5 Bad Habits that derail your diet

Maybe some of you ever frustrated by the efforts you’re trying to diet always fails. Though there are some bad habits that unconsciously you might do, which automatically derail your diet.

1. No Breakfast

You are wrong to think that to lose weight, food intake must be reduced drastically to miss a nutritious breakfast sarapan.Makanlah high but low in fat, such as wheat, low-fat yogurt, or bread.

2. Eating Before Sleeping

You must stay for dinner with a regular schedule, and do not eat again before bed, let alone snacking.

If you want to eat, eat only fruit.

Tips for you, after dinner just a toothbrush, a reminder that if you want to eat again, that the dinner portions are met.

3. Lack of Drinking Water White

Many people have a bad habit of drinking water is less than 8 glasses a day.

If you’re dieting, it is more important tips for your attention. You should drink about 3 liters of water per day, or about a glass of water every half hour.

Trouble is that often the back to pee, but much more trouble if you abuse your body and do not get any results.

4. Eating Less Fruits

Fruit is very important as a source of nutrients and vitamins the body needs. Many fruits contain fiber are beneficial to the body and serves to aid digestion and many other benefits.

If you’re less likely to feel a certain fruit, can be tricked with a more attractive packaging such as in-juice and yogurt in the form of cocktails.

5. Less Consumption of Vegetables

Please, for yourself and your own health, multiply the consumption of vegetables. In addition to containing fiber, vegetables also provide vegetable protein intake is good for the body.

You are “anti” can also eat vegetables, vegetables with a more attractive packaging such as a salad or vegetable juice.


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