Posted by: dikijulius | March 30, 2010

The hair loss

The hair loss is something that can cause disappointment and concern to a woman. Conversely beautiful hair will increase confidence in the owner’s hair.

Then how to treat and deal with vines that begin to fall. The following tips can be applied to overcome the loss of hair:

1. Eat nutritious foods, especially those high in protein and iron. Protein is essential for the growth of organs including the hair. Source of protein comes primarily from fish, eggs, nuts, yogurt, soy and more.

2. Apply a conditioner that contains ginseng to the hair a healthy shine and tidakmudah broken.

3. As you use the conditioner, comb your hair with a comb-toothed rare. Functions that hair does not tangle when rinsed.

4. Choose a shampoo herbal or shampoo is extra mild to the scalp more comfortable.

5. Avoid using hot water when shampooing. Use cold water or lukewarm.

6. Dry the hair with no hair dryer and also do not use a towel. Hair that dikucek-checked with a towel will easily dislodged from its roots as the scalp is very humid. Hair enough diangin-aired it.

7. use hair tonic or serum to nourish the hair. Hair tonic containing ginseng good for stimulating the growth of new hair.

8. Avoid beverages containing caffeine because it is not good for hair growth.

9. use a shampoo that contains ginseng, which serves to clean the hair of all the dirt and strengthen hair shaft that does not break easily.

10. Use a hair mask as nutrients to maintain and restore health and beauty hair. Use 2-3 times a week.

11. Reduce the use of hair gel, cream, hair oil, hair dye and spray hair. We recommend that you use products made from natural materials.

12. If the hair is still happen loss continues, consult a physician specialist dermatology.



  1. tak comment i mbom cek rame..

    • wee, , ,, Thank bwat para penggemar q, , ,

      Dpatkan Sovenir isTimewa dan sjumlah hadiah menarik yang dapat anda miliki dengan menukarkan sejumlah uang ke indomar dan memilih barangnya sesuai harga, , , awkakwkawkawk

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