Posted by: dikijulius | March 30, 2010

TaLL and sLim

In this fast moving world it is very important that you are in pace with the fashion trends that changes every day. The fashion philosophy pertaining at this period is “less is more”. Mens clothing these days is becoming more and more complex, but to look fashionable; one key requirement is that the person is extremely comfortable with his attire. The trends prevailing in the market with regard to the mens fashion is a suit which renders the following features like more cuffs at the sleeve and more ankles with the pant, such a suit is referred to as a well fitted suit. This article explains in detail what kind of a suit would look stunning on a tall and skinny person. For tall and skinny men it is always important that they wear clothes which dont give them a frail look.

Wear heavy weight fabric:

Light weighted fabric suit will make a tall and a skinny guy look frailer. Opting for a heavy weight fabricated suit which holds the body firm is an apt decision. Suits constructed with this kind of fabric will give you the most required additional weight and match the proportion of smartness as well durability. You can probably enquire for a suit which is made up of heavy weight worsted wool.

Go for light colored suits:

As far as the fabric is considered it should be heavy weight whereas the color, it is preferable to go for light colored suits, because these suits give a bulkier appearance, this is required in this case because the slim people need to look average sized when they where suits. Especially suit is a costume where you need to possess a professional look and a frail person needs to look little broader so that he matches with the professional experience. In other cases you need to select a suit which does not have vertical stripes, as these stripes give you a taller look as they elongate. You can probably go in for a grey colored suit.
Go for three- button jacket:

A three buttoned suit can creates height and length tall men with longer thighs complement their personality to the three button suit. On the other hand bulky and short guys are always advised to go for a two buttoned suit.

Suits with a single vent are the right choice:

Skinny men can choose from the two options no vent or single vent. Since jacket vents allow movement and they create visual appeal as well. Vents are created in a jacket that is not required by skinny men. So as far as the vent options are considered they can wear jackets with either of the options.


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